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We have staff who are friendly, courteous, and respectful. The company’s goal is to leave the area in the same condition as when we arrived after the job has been completed – clean. Our professionals are careful not to damage any of the property surrounding the work area. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we work hard to meet and exceed all your expectations!

Roofing Expertise

Through our many years in the industry, we have gained in-depth knowledge regarding different aspects of roofing design and structure, as well as available roofing materials and its performance expectations. For Saskatoon roofing, our experience can mean a real difference to the longevity and quality of your roofing, even in harsh conditions.

Understanding this range of information is of paramount importance, because a contractor without this knowledge can complete an inferior job, which can lead to structural deterioration, water leakage, and damage to the interior finish of your home. A roof must be durable as it provides a weather barrier to the attic and the rest of the home.

The Right Roof for Your Home

At Scott Roofing, we are knowledgeable regarding different aspects of roof design and structural integrity. We understand the importance of the following roofing components:

  • Ensuring roof flashings are the right size and are installed with adequate lap or in the right locations so that water leakage does not occur
  • Ensuring the roof deck is proper and adequate, so that high winds do not cause movement and vibration which will eventually loosen the shingle fasteners
  • Minimizing water penetration from ice damming, which is a build-up of ice at the edge of the roof
  • Properly ventilating the roof space to allow moist air to exit the attic area and dry air to enter
  • Properly fastening shingles
  • Utilizing roofing paper and the proper placement of ice and water shields
  • Installing eave protection
  • Understanding the effects of solar radiation on different types of shingles to ensure a longer life

Helping You Maintain Your Investment

Scott Roofing works in conjunction with the customer to help them understand the importance of the following constructional components as it relates to the structural integrity of their roof:

  • How to ensure soffit vents are not obstructed by insulation
  • How to minimize the amount of water vapor that enters the attic through proper installation of air and vapour barriers
  • How to reduce high temperatures in your attic, which can lead to problems with your roof and moisture in your home
  • How to reduce the amount of moisture accumulating on the underside of shingles, which can cause shingles to curl and deteriorate prematurely

For reliable roofing, reroofing, roof repair and roof inspection services, call Scott Roofing. We'll provide a fast, free, no obligation quote on your project, including references and a contract for the work.

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