Quality Products
For Your Saskatoon

At Scott Roofing, we use top quality asphalt shingles to ensure you get the most out of your roof.

Our standard product selections are from BP Canada. It is our professional opinion that they provide superior products. As a BP Certified company, we offer unbeatable manufacturer and installation warranties to comparable industry standard products. Visit us at our office for product demonstrations.


Our professionals are very knowledgeable about the roofing materials we use and can provide expert advice and recommendations on the best type for your roof.

We consider a customer’s location, type of roof, and other factors to help them determine the best roofing material to use for their home or business. It is our goal to ensure your new or repaired roof is dependable, durable, and weathers well over the years, so we want to make sure to use the right product to guarantee optimal results.

No one wants to continually shell out money to pay for roof repairs and services, or have to do interior remodeling to fix water damage, so it’s important you not only hire competent roofers to get the job done, but that the best products are used as well.

We’re building on a time tested reputation. Rely on us to do the job right, just like we’ve always done. Call us for a free quote or to ask for references.